Gary Green is an award-winning writer, a second-generation marketing innovator, a recognized television personality throughout the country, and a fearless promoter. He continues to make his presence known as a living and true renaissance boomer of business, technology, literature, music, and gaming.


Known in many circles and cross disciplines for his business analytics, emerging technologies, risk intelligence, organizational, financial & operational performance, and legendary marketing excellence...


He was once known as one of America's most intense folk singers and rock poets. He was identified as a civil rights and union organizer and advocate of Native American rights. But first he was an award-winning journalist. Then later a pioneer of the dot-com era. Then some identified Gary Green as one of the country's leading casino executives (or as the ultimate gambler to some especially since his appearance in the World Series of Poker last year and his latest book giving a casino boss's inside secrets to players).


No matter where you come from, entering Gary Green's world is an entire adventure to most.



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