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Colorful, intense, successful, controversial, and diverse; the world of Gary Green is a world of business, literature, music, gaming, technology, travel ... and mostly of an adventurer. Today he is most often identified as one of the country's leading casino executives and a former Donald Trump marketing vice president (or as the ultimate gambler to some - given his unorthodox and out-of-the-box business models or since his appearance in the World Series of Poker a few years ago). But by his mid-40’s, he had become a genuine pioneer of the he first dot-com era and had twice won a place as a finalist for the Best of COMDEX (the international high-tech expo); he architected the framework for the most powerful e-commerce system of the era. That business acumen made him an IPO veteran and later in the employee of Trump, of Forest City Ratner, and of other business titans.   Others visited the Smithsonian or heard his music recorded by other artists and knew him as one of America's most intense folk singers and recording artist. As a songwriter, his three record albums, recorded on legendary Folkways Records were part of the Smithsonian's permanent American Folklife collection. By the time he was 40 he had become a walking compendium of vast and varied experiences that included: publishing a 250,000- circulation magazine; writing a best-selling travel guide; and co- owning elements of the former Moscow Circus. And, there are those who remember him as a civil rights, union organizer, and advocate of Native American rights. As a labor union leader, he was one of the masterminds of the single largest organizing drive in American history; so effective that 30 years later a major Las Vegas slot machine manufacturer canceled a casino speaking engagement, fearing that their employees might be inspired to sign union cards after hearing his life story. On the cutting edge of the 1970’s avant-garde twilight zone between coming of age baby boomers and the rest of America, one week Gary would be at the side of a veteran member of Congress giving policy or strategic advice and the next week in Greenwich Village playing guitar in one of the dimly lit, crowd- packed coffee houses. As a propagandist, his skills had been tapped by members of Congress, presidential candidates, governments, and Fortune 500 corporations. The Baltimore Sun best described Gary's ability to touch, convince, and motivate broad-based audiences: "Mr. Green had them: a young couple with a three-week old baby, a couple well into middle age?and approximately equal numbers of those who seemed to remember the Fifties, and those who looked to have been children in the Sixties, not of them." Born in North Carolina and raised in the hills of Tennessee, North Carolina, and Georgia, Gary Green is a braided paradox of simple, working-class Southerners and the high-tech, urban intelligentsia. With a southern charm more akin to John "Doc" Holiday and Rhett Butler than The Cable-Guy and the redneck set, he is often referred to as one of the last southern gentleman scoundrels. He served his apprenticeship singing folkie-acoustic versions of Hank Williams, Waylon Jennings, and Johnny Cash songs in New York City folk circles and as a daily newspaper reporter in the South covering the goriest of murders, drug raids, and government corruptions. Hence, others knew him as an award-winning journalist that had twice been nominated for the Pulitzer Prize ... before the age of thirty. From organizing a topical music project with Broadside Magazine, Pete Seeger, and the late folksingers Phil Ochs and Rev. Fred Kirkpatrick, to allegedly "running guns" for Native Americans at the siege of Wounded Knee to passing in and out of the "Berlin Wall" in old East Germany, to mid-night drug raids in the company of heavily armed southern cops, to early morning Washington meetings with members of Congress and heads of state, to creation of new Internet technologies to being a professional gambler and later a top casino executive; the world of Gary Green is a world of adventure. This site gives you just a taste of some of those adventures. No matter where you come from, entering Gary Green's world is an entire adventure to most. Businessman, Marketer, Writer, Casino guru, Adventurer, with a background more colorful than most of the casino glitter houses that he builds and runs, even in his mid-30s -more than three decades ago- Gary Green was already being called a legend.
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 (Below left, click on the video trailer advertising the circus. At the right below: the three-tent complex that made up its permanent home in Myrtle Beach South Carolina. Below: Gary's good friend 'Gratchik' who Gary booked as "the world's most famous clown" and who became the leading attraction at Gary's Circus project. From Armenia, Gratchik spoke less English than Gary spoke Russian. Bottom right: A publicity photo of one of the acts of the circus.)
Gary reading Vine Deloria after returning to the South from the siege of Wounded Knee, 1973
TOP: Gary with former business partner (and U.S. Congressman of Abscam infamy) John Jenrette. LEFT: Gary's old friend and mentor Congressman Joe L. Evins of Tennessee.
ABOVE: Gary as a union business agent.
Award-winning Journalist 1970’s
LEFT: with folksinger Pete Seeger RIGHT: with Rev. Fredrick Douglas Kirkpatrick